Swimming in the Yucatan - July 2004

Left the house at 4 am                        Phoenix Airport                               Cancun Life                                   Taras wants to play volleyball                Still white
Why aren't we on the beach?                   Riptides                                      A whole lot of airconditioned ice cube trays  Red flag for currents                         Lena joins a parade
More waiting - Cancun bus station             Blazing sun in Villadolid                     Mystery animal                                Friendly, though                              Why the caged monkey doesn't climb?
Ice cream smiles                              Above the Zocolo                              The whole world in his hands                  Unplugged                                     Don't you look at me like that!
Before the accent                             Above the trees                               1000 year old iron grate                      Zianora accends again                         Steeper than it looks
Bored above the Cenote                        Observing stars                               Mosquito noses?                               Tullum Paraiso                                Iguana came for a handout
Xhel Ha Fishes                                After the 3 hour float                        Watch the wall                                Don't forget to let go                        Yucatan Duck
Tastes like chicken                           Great day is done                             Ate a whole chicken                           Sleeping in hammocks                          A few last photos
Taras' view: coconuts                         Beach life                                    Blurry until coffee                           Swingers                                      Just before seeing a huge turtle
What Mexico really meant to us                Our one group portrait                        Eating flan after the death march             Atmosphere really                             Needing lip balm
Soon to be snorkeling                         What is in my hair                            In his element                                But still he longs for forbidden fruit        Cozumel ferry dock
Inspecting beaches                            Gunther                                       Plenty more of these                          Sharp as glass                                Surf mocks
A hole in the rocks                           Same hole                                     Would look better as a movie                  Daily routine in Cozumel                      Almost ready to buy
Pablo                                         As good as it gets                            Schooling guppies                             Mouths to feed                                Mayan
Investigation                                 Detail                                        Mosquito gods                                 Parents excluded                              Sick for a day
Laguna                                        No promised turtles                           But Iguanas appear                            Toucans                                       Toucan have big mouths
Always wary crossing the street               Braiding 1                                    Braiding 2                                    Braiding 3                                    Braiding 4
Braiding 5                                    Braiding 6                                    Braiding 7                                    Braided 1                                     Braided 2
Braided 3                                     Braided 4                                     Plaza Las Glorias                             Between snorkelling                           Still resting
Thinking about eels                           Little Room on the island                     Last night in Cozumel                         Mama and Papa dancing                         Taras has attitude
Proof                                         All in the family                             One last snorkel morning                      A favorite kind of little fish                Tube worm out of focus, fish is watching
Favorite pose                                 Zianora's toe hurts                           Parrot                                        Taras at home                                 Parrot
Blue trim                                     Parrot                                        Two and a half foot parrot!                   Monkey                                        Community
Surgeon with yellow scalple                   Mermaid                                       Angel out of focus                            Giant Box fish, horns unseen                  Where he belongs
Surgeon                                       Another angel                                 Taras' box fish                               Nemo toad                                     Gorgeous Trigger, parrots, angels, surgeons...
Chasing the sunburst angel                    Too deep and too shy                          Blue Fish                                     With her favorites                            Fun with snorkel
Outside of El Presidente                      Zianora's Photo                               Taras' turn                                   Marching to the boat                          Keep up with Mama
Boat races                                    Needle Fish                                   Dad takes a picture of Anything               So long Cozumel                               And again
Can't we go below deck to the airconditioning? Playa Del Carmen                              Must take photos                              Crowded beach, lovely sand                    Chaising a ball
Taras needed to look                          Taras needed to look 2                        Mayan                                         Heat crazy                                    Mayan
Food happy                                    Dreaming of a milkshake                       Following the book                            Mesmerized                                    On the trail of the perfect beach
Wanting to take a boat                        One leg                                       Short leg                                     One leg                                       Really one leg this time
Found the missing leg out here                Landmark                                      No legs and only one arm                      No head?                                      Before the rush
Heat                                          Parsley shake                                 Eating Mom's soup                             Head in the clouds                            Head in the seat
Gulf coast                                    Sunset on our vacation                        Back in cold California