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DC and NYC - August 2005 (1 of 5)

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Natty Practices Photography Taras Practices Photography Tim Practices Photography Tourists in San Francisco Cool Hair
Not bored yet Counting Cars 34,892, 34,893, ... Photography^3 or photography^4+ ? Giligan's Island?
Three hour tour? Finger Kissing Spot Finally landed in Holand! What would Lamark have to say? Giraffe ears
Cool horns! If I stand still maybe they wont see me. Cool hair? I don't think so. Purple Female Ostrich
Marabou one and two Not just a hairy gorilla Charisma Eminent Natural setting
Ring tailed lemur with a bouquet Whiskers Portrait in pink - the eye knows Portrait in purple - the eye knows Are you lookin at me?
Feet Ears Tiger's eye Reign Asking to be pet?
Hippos one and two What is missing Snow Leopard Mice Caged
Well fed Grizzly meal Waiting for snow 1st emu Judge or Jury?
Looking for something to do in SF Casa Blanca Boo for Bush Excersizing Her Rights Jail Bush!
Treason, Fraud, Corruption, Murder Democracy But no winds are blowing Thank you Bush... For ruining my future!
But what is on top? WWII Memorial E Pluribus Unum Lincoln gets to sit! Penny
Pose See him sitting? Atleast you got me in focus. I wonder what country we are in? Three photos in one
Shadows of history. Korean War Memorial Slanted right Fine looking building Finally off their feet
Lunar Excursion Module I don't know smokin' Jacket No windshield: Spirit of St. Louis Appolo
70% of  Wright Flyer Early air travel World War I History of air sickness First passenger plane
Natty likes this one for some reason Just don't press the red button A lot happens in 15 years Why is her back to us? Can we go into the air conditioning now?
Petitioning the Government for Redress of Grievences Mug shot It takes a village The FBI will know who you are Shaking with excitement
California Congressmen have the best wall photos Jumping in the halls of Congress Hold the vote! Library of Congress Standing up to the toiletpaper cartel
My camera is better than yours Mr. Jefferson waiting for a check. Something really symbolic, I'm sure. Bored in the background See how much better my camera is?
Will it bite? 'Equal Justice Under the Law' The door to justice are closed to us More symbolism, I'm sure. All day long she watches for flag burners
Stepping up to her destiny Fox News cameraman (Democrat though) Today's White House Talking points are... Museum of American History Zianora isn't allowed to play it
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