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My music: Vortex

Eyes of the Fish
Science Fair 2004 - Eyes of the Fish
Growing Branches
Science Fair 2003 - Growing Branches

2005 Cats and Melodies
2006 Drinking the Ocean: Purifying Ocean Water by Splitting It
2007 Using Photosynthesis to Help Decrease Global Warming
2008 Algae to the Rescue! Bioremediation of Greenhouse Gases with Algae

I love cats and dogs. They are so nice to be seen.
What an interesting life, travelling over the world and in between.
How fun! To Thailand, Moscow and many other places.
Have a science fair life with googlie eyes, and plants growing in between spaces.
How fun to get muddy, and have fun in the dirt.
Who cares about cleanness, I'm always alert.
The interesting life, I say again,
With many adventures, everywhere... When...
You go everywhere, everywhere, everywhere Now!
And learn about everything, everything, everything and how!
There is lots of stuff on my website, check whereever you want.