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DC and NYC - August 2005 (2 of 5)

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Once again: better camera They could both play at once Early Caseo? Cello Don't ask me
Again, don't ask me But I don't wannna be a pirate! There is no place like home. Can you tell me how to get... Bomba Ali!
Two of a kind The cause of the childhood obesity epidemic? Taras knows exactly what this is. Second Amendment Inauguration Buttons.  Notice Clinton's?
Truman's Bowling pin Reward for John Wilkes Booth Voting for the Dixiecrats Interesting ceiling vents Santa Cruz has a whole room in the Smithsonian!
Taras will take a picture of anything. Jewels in the Museum of Natural History. Big engagement ring. Shopping. Hope Diamond is bigger than an almond
Another almond How manny hours staring at rocks? A bad photo or an art photo Autoparts Dad!  Learn how to use a camera!
'I said illumination, not elimination' (last words). Lincoln's last bed. Mad Scientists Worth less than 1.5 million. Mom, I was slouching!
Remembering better days We shall be heard We shall overcome We have him surrounded. Why is this a lonely vigil?
The Real Terrorist Union Station The Garden Big Basketball View from the 2nd floor of the Empire State Building
Just drop your gear anywhere Can I order a pizza? 7 Iron Hello, Tony? Can I have a penny?
UN and our hotel I could climb over this! Bryant Park Got to get our money's worth North by Northwest?  No vertigo.
'I could climb that!' Central Park Gargoyles 'Jerry, I'm up here!' One of the happiest moments
Guggenheim I come from Zagore Seven! Escape hatch Air conditioning ducts aren't that special. Spiderman's Apartment Complex
Gugenheim Exhibition Handcuffs from Zagore Seven Times Square Shirt on backwards? Clock is wrong
I could swim to shore, easy. Just hold my camera What just floated by? A nice place to stroll Real Estate
New Hairstyle  Gilligan's Isle? I can swim to France Just hold my torch Portrait
Okay, enough of these huddled masses It looks just like the ones in the tourist stalls! Speedboat More Boats Staten Island Ferry
No that boat. More Real Estate Rip Van Winkle And they said it couldn't be done. Brooklyn Bridge
Industrial Espianage Not all of Taras' photos are perfect Small World Blimp TV Taras' focus
Brooklin Bridge again and again D Image Moscow River Cruise Back and Forth
Before the Miracle St. Patrick's Cathedral MoMA Persistence of Memory Bicycles
Art? Looking for dinner More than 15 minutes Rockafeller Center John Lythgow was on vacation.
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